He is C. He is a Common Man in India.

Vikneysh Raj G G A
2 min readJul 2, 2023


He is C.
He is a Common Man in India.

C likes a kitchen set.
He asks his parents to buy it for him.
C comes to know that boys don’t play with kitchen sets.

C is extremely tired boards a bus.
C has no reserved seat to occupy.
Yet, C manages to find himself a seat.
A girl enters, and C is forced to give up his seat.
C can’t have feelings of tiredness.

C books a bus for his long travel.
C books a seat along the column where the seats are single.
C can get those tickets after boarding the bus. Nonetheless, he reserves a ticket in the bus so he can get his preferred seat.
A girl boards the bus and finds that her seat is next to that of a man.
C is asked to give up his seat for her.

C walks behind a girl.
C fastens his pace and tries to overtake her, if not she might find him creepy.

C argues with women putting forth his viewpoints.
Besides losing every time, C is termed a “coward” who always fights with women.

C and his feminine friend F takes up competitive exam.
C pays a fee that is double the time that F does.

At the supermarket, C waits in a queue at the billing counter.
A woman who came next gets the preference.

C is frustrated and heartbroken.
However, C is not allowed to have emotions because boys don’t cry.

Girls make jokes out of C and tease him.
All the same, the converse could not be carried out, for he is a man.

C sells chai on the streets.
C is a loser, unlike the woman tea-seller, who is self empowered.

At a restaurant, C is expected to pay.
Whilst, it is not expected of the girl who accompanies him.

C wears a pink shirt.
C is mocked, for the color is feminine.

When C earns, he can marry an unearning woman.
But if he’s unearning, he can’t marry an earning woman.

C encounters an issue with a girl/woman.
C’s side of the story isn’t paid any heed to.

C should tolerate social media posts that claim “All men are Trash”.
In addition, it is expected of C to respect all women, even if some don’t deserve any.

C can’t be vulnerable. C has to excel in every field.

He is C.
He is a Common Man in India.